10 Best Abs Workout To Get Six Packs For All Gym Goers

If getting a six-pack was that easy, everyone definitely would have one. Therefore, we’re not trying to convince you that there are quick fixes for the chiseled midsection.

It’s also known that 6-pack abs cannot be achieved only through exercise. If you want to get skinny to display your muscles in the stomach, you will need to supplement your regular workout with a smart approach.

However, doing the appropriate exercise is an important aspect. It develops a stronger and more defined core. These abs workouts could be jam-packed along with the best abs exercises.

Make a routine that can take you out of your comfort level and be able to hit your abs from every side, so you do not have to finish up with a 4-pack instead of a six-pack.

When it comes to exercises of abs, consider becoming used to uncomfortable feelings. The rewards will always be worth the pains and aches, even if nothing is going to hurt you after you spend your day in the gym.

Abs have much more uses than only being a chiseled torso. Abs are also a very important muscle of your body.

Having a stronger core might help you in improving your strength in lifting squats, overhead work, deadlifts, and bench presses. It could also help you in eliminating back pain and maintaining a good posture.


10 Best Abs Workouts

Abs exercises often demand just as much care and time as any different muscle group of your body. Therefore, choosing the appropriate workout routine is very critical.

Let’s discuss the 10 best abs workouts to get 6-pack:

  1. Barbell Floor Wiper

    • Lie down keeping your backside flat on the floor, your both arms extended right above your chest, and hold the barbell.
    • Raise both legs to an L-shaped stance while making sure to keep your arms straight.
    • Lower one leg onto each side. Then raise them without coming in contact with the ground.
  2. Slammed Medicine Ball

    • Lift the medicine ball right over your head. Outstretch your arms while standing up and keep your knees slightly bent.
    • As you will bend forward, rise on your feet. Throw the medicine ball onto the ground using your core muscles.
    • Repeat after you catch the ball. This move will strengthen your abs and shoulders.
  3. Side Jackknife

    • Lie down on one of your sides. Keep your left arm stretched onto the floor. Bend your right arm above your head. Bend your elbow out.
    • Position your right leg onto the top of your left leg.
    • As you will elevate your body upwards, engage your obliques, then bring your right elbow onto your left leg. Then slowly descend downwards before again switching sides.
  4. Dragon’s Flag

    • Lay backward on the bench. Grip the bench right behind your head with both hands.
    • Raise your body using your shoulders on the bench. Raise it by bringing your knees onto your chest, then kicking out towards the ceiling.
    • Maintain a straight body posture as you will lower yourself. You might feel the burn in your abs and your lower back.
  5. Cable Woodchopper

    • Set the woodchopper machine at its highest setting. Then stand with your backside to the machine, and you’re frontside onto the weights.
    • Take a step backward from the tower. Hold the handle with both hands. Then spread your shoulder and feet width apart.
    • Rotate your body’s torso while extending both arms. Pull the handle downwards across your body.
    • Make your knees bent. Then rotate your backside foot back to the starting position. Switch sides after every set.
  6. Hardstyle Plank

    • Gather yourself up into a forearm plank position. Keep your face lying down on the ground.
    • Make fists with both of your hands. Make sure to keep your elbows aligned underneath your shoulders.
    • You want both of your forearms to be in parallel position.
    • Hold each set for 30 seconds.
  7. Dead Bug

    • With your arms right above your shoulders, lie your face on the floor. 
    • Position your knees right over your hips. Then bend your knees and produce an angle of 90-degree between your thigh and calf.
    • Lower your left arm right above your head. Straighten and lower your right leg towards the floor. 
    • Repeat on the alternate side after taking a pause. Then return to the beginning position. 
    • One set usually consists of 15 alternate repetitions.
  8. Dumbbell Side Bend

    • Hold a dumbbell into your right palm. Face inwards towards your body. Then stand with your feet apart from your hip-width.
    • Maintain a straight position spine while engaging your core. Then bend to the side only at the waist.
    • Return to the start position for one rep after holding for a second at the very bottom of your motion range.
    • One set consists of 15 to 20 reps.
  9. Barbell Back Squat

    • Lift a barbell with your feet apart from your shoulder width. Distribute it evenly across your shoulders.
    • This squat focuses on your core rather than your legs. For a regular back squat, make sure to use less weight than you would.
    • Send the glutes backward. Bend your knees very deeply.
    • Press throughout your heels. Then return to the beginning position. That’s one rep.
    • One set consists of 10 repetitions.
  10. Bird Dog

    • Consider it as a dead bug that is upside-down.
    • Keep your shoulders over your wrists. Then keep your hips over your knees.
    • Lift your left leg and right arm at the same time while making sure to engage your core.
    • Kick backward with your palm facing in and your foot flexed.
    • When your leg and arm are at the same height as that of your torso, pause for a second. Then bring your knee and elbow in contact with beneath your body. 
    • Rep on the alternate side for one rep. Complete one set of 6 reps.

Benefits Of Abs Workout

  1. Improved Performance In Sports

    Core strength, balance, and stability are required in a lot of hard tasks and sports. Abdominal workouts usually target such muscles. It gives you core strength in the meantime while you’re doing any activity.

    While compared to players with weaker abdominal muscles, these workouts will allow players in moving a lot of energy from their core onto their limbs. It improves their scores and performance.

  2. Lower Backside Pain Reduced

    Lower backside discomfort might affect a large population. Lower back pain is usually caused by weak abdominal muscles. Lower backside muscles that are non-exercised become very tight in the locations of your joints.

    This could lead to the formation of chronic lower backside pain. Spine and backside muscles are targeted by exercises of the abdomen. This makes them less rigid and more flexible, which could lower your back pain.

    These workouts also help in enhancing your posture whether you’re sitting, walking, or standing, thus lowering the risk of your backside pain.

  3. Stability And Posture Improved

    Abdominal workouts concentrate on the abdominal muscles. These are crucial for your posture and balance. People participating in sports who are at risk of slipping and falling need to be stable.

    Abs workout exercises strengthen the muscles which surround your spine and enhance your body posture by distributing the body’s weight.

    A better posture of the body is essential for improved spine health and confidence. Abdominal exercises help enhance muscle coordination, which is important for stability, balance, and posture.

  4. Improved Ability In Weight-Bearing

    Abdominal exercises will give you strength in supporting your weight. People who engage in abdominal exercise are better at lifting large weights without causing harm to the spine.

    Abdominal workouts always serve to create a sturdy lifting basis and strengthen your torso.

  5. Perfect Waistline

    An abdominal workout aids in the reduction of your body fat. Body fat is linked to a lot of disorders, namely obesity, and diabetes.

    Your body metabolism rises, thus more body fats are burned down when the mass of abdominal muscle is increased. It could result in a slimmer and trimmer physique.

    An abdominal muscle in your body requires strengthening. While exercises help in achieving a trim figure, the inner power of your muscle is very crucial while doing abdominal exercises.

Is It Possible To Get Abs In 30 Days?

Getting abs within 30 days is considered the most common workout training goal. It is theoretically attainable.

However, the vast majority of people will find it impossible, particularly those who are new to fitness. Reduce the subcutaneous abdominal fat which lies between the skin and the muscle of your abdomen to get 6-pack abs.

Your fat percentages, genetics, and current physical shape will influence it.

    • If you have more than 10% body fat, you will not be able to achieve it.
    • If you have between 8% and 10%, it’s achievable, though it is going to take a lot of work.
    • Crash dieting might not get you 6-pack abs.

You can do a lot of sit-ups or crunches in an attempt to remove your lower abdominal fat, though most of the time it will not work.

Perseverance is required to sculpt 4-pack abs, while determination is required for carving out your lower abs to obtain six-pack abs.

To get visible abs, you will need to perform the following:

  • Calorie Deficit:
    The goal is to lose weight quickly while avoiding muscle loss, extreme hunger, and cravings.
  • Consumption of High Protein:
    Whether you want to grow or shed muscle mass, protein could be considered the most important macronutrient. Protein has a significant thermic impact.
    This means that digesting and processing protein burns 10 to 20% of the calories consumed.
  • A Training Routine:
    Complete three circuits among the six workout exercise four times per week. On the two of your non-workout days, you could walk 30 minutes on the treadmill.
    Sunday is a day for resting. Your overall workout exercise time should be 30 minutes per day. For completing a 30-minute slot, fill in any extra time after the circuits with some treadmill walking.
    Consider keeping brief recovery intervals and focus on technique well.